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Church Attendance is Important

By Kevin Cauley


    It caused people to have confidence in me.

    It made people know that I regarded my spiritual welfare as a matter of great importance.

    It had a good effect on the services.

    It encouraged the brethren and helped the kingdom of Christ.

    It caused others to look to Christ for salvation.

    It made my life stronger.

    It removed a stumbling block from the sinner’s path.

    It pleased God and I was happy.

    It caused others to say, “He practiced what he preached.”


    It made some question the reality of religion.

    It made some think that I was a pretender.

    It made some think that I regarded my spiritual welfare as a matter of small concern.

    It weakened the effect of the worship services.

    It made it harder for the preacher to preach.

    It discouraged the brethren and, therefore, robbed them of a blessing.

    It caused others to stay away from the church.

    It made it harder for me to meet the temptations of the devil.

    It gave the devil more power over lost souls.

    It encouraged the habit of non-church-going.


Because you are poor. There is no admission charge.

Because it rains. You go to work in the rain!

Because it is hot. It is hot at your house too.

Because no one invited you. People go to the movies without being begged.

Because we have a crowd? What about ball games?

Because you do not like the preacher. Remember, he’s human like you.

Because your job makes you tired. You could lose your job.

Because there are hypocrites. You associate with them everyday.

Because you have company. They will admire your loyalty to Christ if you invite them along or they will wait until you get back.

Because you have plenty of time left. Are you sure?

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