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When Is an Abomination not an Abomination?

By David Campbell

    Semantics is defined as a study of meanings or the study of linguistic development by classifying and examining changes in meanings. The process of Biblical linguistics is rapidly accelerating away from its base among Christians. Case in point: an issue was being discussed recently at the congregation. The issue has a scriptural foundation. However, a member stated and argued that he did not believe it because it happened "over there" and in the "past". His conclusion was that it had no application for us today.

    Before we begin to contemplate the term abomination, I want to relate a story. Mark Steyn, a social commentator on today's society, was speaking about a change in the elementary school curricula in a British city. The school officials had decided to implement the teaching of gay marriage as an acceptable and normal relationship. The study material uses a story of a young prince traveling around his kingdom in search of a bride. However, his interest was attracted to a brother of a fair maiden in a village. They fell in love and married and of course lived happily ever after. The Christian community voiced their opposition to the curricula, needless to say nothing happened. When the Muslim community announced their concern as well the curricula was dropped. Why? Steyn did not give an answer. It is well known that the Muslim population is growing in England and Christians are declining. England's increasing Muslim population has caused the government to consider the use of Shariah law in those communities at the exclusion of British law.

    Recently, here in America at the Miss USA pageant a contestant was asked her opinion about gay marriages in California. She replied that marriage was an institution reserved for a man and a woman. One of the judges held the answer was not politically correct and caused her to lose the contest. What she stated is supposedly supported by all believing Christians or is it?

    Homosexuality is referred to as an abomination in Leviticus 18:22. In Leviticus 20:13 God again calls it by the same name. God goes further to condemn transvestites in Deuteronomy 22:5. Some brethren may think these OT statutes are not binding on us today. How does the apostle Paul speak of this manner of living in Romans 1:24-27? He even further states in I Corinthians 6:9 that these individuals can and did change their lifestyle.

    What does abomination mean? Vines' Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words defines the Hebrew word to mean something that is repulsive, loathsome or detestable. The Greeks translated the word to mean something that is an object of disgust. God has stated what He wanted and He did so early in His revelations to mankind (Genesis 1:27; 2:24). Christ reaffirmed this in Matthew 19:4-5. How many times does God have to speak before an action is binding? God has not and will not change His mind (Hebrews 6:18).

    Many will agree with these scriptures as truth and quote them. However, their actions do not always bear this out. How is this so? We tend to classify things into different categories. We may oppose immorality as a category within our Christian living, but then support politicians who legislate in favor of homosexual marriage. What have they violated in doing this?

    First, we need to read Isaiah 5:20 and Proverbs 17:15 and consider their meanings. We cannot affirm in one instant and deny in another. When we support the wicked and then condemn those who support the righteous, then we violate Proverbs 17:15. If the issue is economics as opposed to homosexual conduct which person has the correct moral view? To support those who call an abominable act a life style and make laws to legalize this behavior then we have violated Isaiah 5:20.

    Secondly, we cannot continue to stand between two opposing factions and be correct. Jesus said as much in Matthew 6:24 and 12:25. Since God and His Son have stated their position it should settle it. The status of souls and nations is at stake here.

    We are stewards tending God's gifts while we are living. In Isaiah 5 God is looking at His vineyard (Israel). God had cleared, planted and built a great vineyard for His people. What was He expecting? His servants would bring forth good fruit (Galatians 5:22-23). In Isaiah 5:4 God asked the prophet what should He do with His vineyard? God tells Isaiah His answer in verse 5. In this chapter God pronounced seven woes as listed below:

    Those who increase their wealth by greedy materialism, Vs 8-10
    Those who place pleasure before service Vs 11-12
    Those who spoke well of the Lord but ridiculed His messengers, Vs 18-19
    Those who overlook immoral acts by redefining the activity as not sinful Vs 20
    Those who look to human wisdom for salvation and direction, Vs 21
    Those who justify the wicked, Vs 22, 23

The conclusion of the matter is that judgment will be given to an unjust mankind.

    We are living in a time very similar to what Isaiah described. What is the most detestable item that can be found in our public school (answer to be given later)? Which has more support in our nation's universities and colleges: Darwinism or Christian ethics?

    Within our own universities and colleges the founding principles on which they were established is being eroded. The great universities of the Eastern US were founded on the Christian principles long ago abandoned. The wisdom of "thus says the Lord," is now rejected for the philosophies of men (Isaiah 5:24). Honesty in government has given way to spin, political correctness and multicultural babble.

    In general, the media is no longer an honest profession of discovery and proclaiming the truth (Isaiah 5:23). A democratic society cannot exist without a free and unbiased press. How will the citizens decide on the proper course of action if the mainstream media pampers, overlooks and fosters political bias? A government based on deception, cover up and supported by a willing media will die with its corruption. An infection not treated will spread and fester until altered or the patient will succumb.

    How does the Lord feel about so many leaving the scriptures for political correctness? When we read a straightforward warning and pass it off as ancient writings, how far a field have we gone? Can we stand on the college steps or some houses of worship and repeat what Joshua said in Joshua 24:15? How many amen's would be uttered from those listening? Note Psalms 75:2 and Psalms 9:8.

    The answer is the Bible!!!

Article can be found at William L. Schwegler's website SCHWEGLER.US.

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